Control tomorrow, today

Many of us wish we’d spent a little less time on our smartphones, and a little more time living in the moment. Now you can with the Cyl Box – a programable, stylish, smartphone lock-box. It will be your trusty companion for years to come.

Lock your phone, own your life

We’re here to help:

CYL box with phone in

How people reclaim their moments

how many hours do you spend on your phone each day?

arrow1 hoursarrow

With Cyl Box you could reclaim

1 week per year

What will you do with that time?

Your phone is designed to be sticky
– let us help you find freedom

Our phones, and the social sites we visit, are filled with small intermittent rewards – and this is by design. The small, often variable, rewards we get trigger a short-lived rush of pleasure. That’s fine when we want to be usefully engaged, but can keep us from living life in the moment, or sticking to plans previously made.

If you feel like you spend too much time on your phone, or have that nagging feeling you should focus elsewhere from time to time, you’re in the right place. The Cyl Box is your solution.

Control Your Life box

We want to help you win the battle for your time

We’ve created the Cyl Box with you in mind:

  • Set lock time between 1 minute and 24 hours
  • Easy to read digital display
  • 60 day battery life
  • Wide range of colours available, and our full customisable vinyl wrap option
  • Fits most smartphones (217x95x22mm)
  • Affordable one-off purchase – Was £44.99, now £34.99 for a limited time
Control Your Life box

Match the colour to your personal style, and more

Our colour options available at checkout suit every style from Gold leaf, to Dark Wood, White Marble, Dark leather, Silver Wood, Light Wood, Yellow, Red, and Blue.

And for those who want even more personalised vinyl wraps we have options for monogrammed initials, company logos, and over 1,000 colour combinations available. Get in touch with us at for more information

The Cyl box

Everything you need is built into our design.

Now you can win the battle for your time, starting today.

Control Your Life Box Specifications

Control tomorrow, today